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We are adding a full line of Craft Supplies &  Craft Kits

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Styrofoam Shapes & Supplies Decorative Craft Accents
Styrofoam & Styrofoam shapes are the perfect base for floral designing, school projects, and other various craft projects
Decorative Accents such as pine cones,seashells,jewels & more for Crafts and various projects
Craft Supply Tools Accessories Twist Ties
Omnigrids, Glue Guns, Glue Pans and more for creating craft projects
Metallic Twist ties
Wood shapes - Small wood letters Books - Instructional
Small wooden shapes and small wooden letters for crafting
Chenille Stems Monogram Letters - Wooden Letters
Chenille Stems are great for ornaments, crafts, costumes, and creative floral arrangements.
Wooden Letters & Wood Shapes
Craft Vinyl Wood Emblems_Wood Signs_Wood Shapes
Finshed & Unfinished Wood Letters, Shapes and doo dads