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Directions for using shrink wrapping bags

  1. Place basket inside of shrink wrapping bag
  2. Place basket on turntable (if available)
  3. Close the top of bag with a twist tie.
  4. Move the heat gun or hair dryer around the lower portion of the object in a continuous side-to-side motion until wrapping shrinks to conform to the basket. For best results, maintain distance and consistency of heat.

    Continue moving the heat gun about 15" from the surface until smooth. The turntable can be rotated while shrink wrapping.                         

  5. 5. Finally, lift the basket from the turntable to heat-shrink the excess wrap at the bottom.

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    Helpful Hint
    Do not point the heat gun in the same area for an extended period. It will melt the wrap and cause a hole to form.