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Our Cello Bags are made from 1.2 mil - 1.6 mil BOPP (Bi axially Oriented Polypropylene) aka: cellophane bags which offers super clarity and improved moisture and aroma barrier properties and are FDA approved for direct food contact.

Advantages of BOPP compared to Pure Cellophane
  • Better quality and appearance
  • Higher resistance to humidity (Pure cellophane cannot be exposed to direct sunlight or high humidity)
  • Better clarity and strength
Cellophane can be heat sealed with a heat sealer but does not shrink.

How do I determine what size of cellophane bag I need?

Measure the width (side to side) of the basket or container and measure the diameter (front to back) and add the width plus the diameter and you will get the width of your bag.

For example: Basket is 12" from side to side and 6" from front to back the correct width of bag would be 18".

For Round items you can usually subtract a few inches from the width total
Example a 10" round plate would require a 18x24 bag.

These measurements are an estimate and are not a guaranteed fit and may vary slightly due to a variance of measurement.

Our Shrink bags also known as: dome bags, gift basket bags, and PVC bags. New polyolefin shrink bags are the toughest shrink bags on the market today. Our shrink bags are FDA-compliant for direct food contact.

How do I determine what size of shrink bag I need?
Using a flexible fabric measuring tape, measure your height dimension and add 10%. Measure the width or depth and add 10%. This 10% will give you the extra play for ease of insertion.

Shrink bags can be ordered a little large as they will shrink up to 60%.

 To find out if your product will fit into a shrink bag, follow these instructions:
  1. Measure your Gift.
  2. Height - Front, Bottom, Back + 10%; Divide by 2 = Bag Height
  3. Width - Front, Sides and Back + 10%; Divide by 2 = Bag Width
  4. Example: Total Height = 40" + 10% (4") = 44"; Divide by 2 = 22" Height Bag
  5. Example: Total Width = 47" + 10% (5") = 52"; Divide by 2 = 26" Width Bag
  6. You need a 22" height x 26" width bag.